If you are traveling by plane, the easiest route to our hotel in San Sebastian will be to arrive at the Bilbao (Loiu Airport), not the one in San Sebastian (Hondarribia Airport). There is a direct bus from the Bilbao airport to San Sebastian. (Note that the Basque name for San Sebastian is Donostia, so you may find both names randomly.) Although there are several bus routes from Madrid to San Sebastian, this will take several hours more and the trip by bus or train takes about five hours. So plan your flight to land in Bilbao and then take the bus to San Sebastian.

Please see the following PDF links to aquire the travel information that will pertain to you:

From Bilbao Airport
From SanSebastian Airport
From SanSebastian Bus Station
From SanSebastian Train Station
Olarain Residence