The agenda for this meeting is a work in progress and currently being finalized.
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(last updated: 06/11/2014)

During our opening reception for the Symposium all attendees are invited to participate in the Print Swap. This is an opportunity to trade small copies of your own art work for copies of other artist's work. In order to participate in the Print Swap, please prepare up to 25 prints that are no larger than 30cm x 30cm or (12" x 12") and bring them with you to the Opening Reception of the meeting. The images may be all the same, partially similar, or all different. How the print is processed is also your choice, whether they be giclees or processed through your local photo lab, etc. Please include your name and the title of the image on each copy. This can be accomplished digitally, by embedding the text into the image file, or it can be done manually on the front or back of the print.