The Symposium is this week! We are really looking forward to meeting everyone. Remember to bring your images for the Print Swap to the Opening Reception which will be held at the Basque School of Architecture on the 25th at 3:30pm this Wednesday. The address is:

Plaza Oñati, 2

Any questions regarding travel should be directed to Javier B.

We will see you there! :)


The planned Program has been updated with more detail.

See you all in two weeks!


The symposium happens this month! How exciting!

Don't forget to prepare for the print swap. The instructions are posted here .

If you are one of the presenters, please polish up your presentation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Registration for this event is officially closed.

The Participation page has been replaced with the Attendees page

Several updates have been made to our planned Program including the addition of a fractal animation presentation by Thomas Ludwig and a lecture on Hybrid Fractals by Christian Kleinhuis.

Only 52 more days until we meet!!!


Instructions for the Print Swap group activity have been posted on our Program page.

Registration for this event closes in less than one month!

On May 1st, all participants who are not registered will be removed from the Participation list. If you are making last minute plans to join us at the symposium, now is the time to complete registration process and submit your booking confirmation.


We are currently setting up the group booking at the Olarain Residence.

Please respond by providing your name(s) and the dates of your stay there. Please also include confirmation of 1 or 2 beds. (Check in/out time is 12:00pm and payment to the Olarain will be due upon departure).

If you are interested in sharing room costs with another attendee, please contact someone from the list who has this same interest and submit your names and dates for the group stay booking.

If you plan to attend the symposium but have not yet completed registration, please complete this process soon and submit your booking data so that we will have a realistic view of the number of artist planning to attend.

If you are attending the symposium but plan to book your stay somewhere other than the Olarain, please let us know so that we can note this.

If you know that you will not be attending, but you are listed as an interested participant, please let us know so that we may remove your name from the participation list and the email announcement list.

The planned program has been updated to include symposium start and end times:

Opening Reception starts at 3:30pm on Wednesday, June 25th
Symposium Wrap up closes at 6:00pm on Friday, June 27th
(Hotel check in/out is at 12:00pm)

The symposium is only 6 months away!

If you need to apply for or renew a passport, please make arrangements to complete this soon.

International flights are already available for booking. Remember that the easiest, quickest way to
make it to our headquarters is to land in Bilbao (Loiu Airport) and then take the bus to San Sebastian.

We are also encouraging all participants who have expressed an interest in attending
to go ahead and complete the registration process.
This will allow the organizing
committee to have a better idea of numbers and level of commitment.

NOTE: The deadline for registration is 05/01/14.

Planned program updated to include a presentation by Thomas Ludwig:
Introduction to Iterated Function Systems (IFS) and high quality rendering with Chaotica.
Planned program updated to include a presentation by Jérémie Brunet:
Mandelbulb3D: Demo on basic & advanced features and 3D prints from Voxel export.
Invitations have been announced through multiple online forums and the registration period has begun.